The Secret Language of Sleep:
A Couple's Guide to the Thirty-Nine Positions
Written by Evany Thomas, illustrated by Amelia Bauer
fireman's carry pose
fireman's carry
bird in hand pose
bird in hand
paper dolls pose
paper dolls
Should you end it with the modelmaker? Replace the brake pads on the hatchback? Wear your scoliosis brace to dinner? A person can waste years searching for guidance, going from bottle to bottle, therapist to soothsayer, when really all the answers are lying right there in bed.

With THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SLEEP from McSweeney's Publishing, a couple finally unlocks the secrets hidden within their chosen sleeping position. Each pose (there are thirty-nine in all) is deciphered using an easy-to-identify illustration, an overview of the sleepers' traits and tendencies, along with tips about which stretches and diets to try to enhance the effectiveness of the pose. A legend of handy icons points the way to the poses that are most therapeutic for specific kinds of sleepers, including: snorers, outdoorsmen, couples suffering from intestinal ailments, and anyone confined to a twin-sized bed or tent. The book is color-coded based on the four Comfort Zones, and features a dream-blue cover embossed with an illustration of The Ticket Puncher, the favorite pose of couples whose schedules never quite mesh. For a sampling of sneak peeks at the book, visit the press page.

Not only is it a fine diagnostic tool, but THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SLEEP can also be used prescriptively. Nothing dampens spirits or thwarts romance and employment like an obsolete sleeping position. So if you've been feeling that things just aren't right in your life — fruits seem less juicy, climbing the stairs takes more effort than ever before — it might be time to upgrade to a new nightly pose. Not sure which pose to try next? Let The Sleep Test guide you.

Pint-sized for travel or pillow-side convenience, the book also makes the perfect last-minute panic gift for anyone, from close friends to awkwardly mysterious family members. Line your gift larder today!