my new favorite thing: my very own sutro tower painting!

Saturday, feb. 24, 2007   |   0 comments

This week Annie and I went and gobbled artichoke things and wine and mountains of spaghetti at Emmy’s, and then we went back to her beautiful house (she has a painted forest in her bathroom!) and had more wine and too many Cadbury Mini Eggs, and we talked about bangs and fringes, kerning and leading, and abdominal surgeries. And oh, I had such a lovely time! And then I swapped one of my books for one of her amazing paintings, and it makes me so very happy!

As Annie pointed out, it looks kind of like it sprang from a box of fancy chocolates:

Marco is very pleased, and Marbles loves it, too:

In other news, another one of my Desperate Housewives recaps is now alive. Highlights include:

“Zana’s hair, it should be noted, looks resplendently nuts, with artful curls flipping up everywhere like he spent the morning in hot curlers. Hey Zana? Rachel from Friends called, and even she thinks you your hair is stuck in second gear. And it isn’t its day, or week, or month, or even its year.”

“Why oh why is Carlos confronting Zana in the bathroom? Oh, so that way he can get an eyeful of Zana’s gigantic cockadoodle. Once again, I am compelled to compare Desperate Housewives unfavorably to Rescue Me, which also featured a men’s-room confrontation, but on the (alas far superior) FX show, the argument ended with one of the men peeing all over his brother’s pants. Which is like a metaphor for men’s territoriality, except that it’s literal.”

“Huh, the Susan I know would have been on that ring box like white on a wedding dress.”

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