note from me to me: achieve something, stat!

Thursday, apr. 10, 2008   |   0 comments
Updated! I got a nice email from Jill after I wrote this, pointing out how much I have actually accomplished in this life, having some of my words published, etc. And I felt a small feeling of heelishness for so glibly ignoring the things I have managed to do up until now? But! I still say that, as far as "proudest" achievements go, I don't think I have one of those. Yet? Maybe never? Either way, though, I felt compelled to report that I am very and totally happy with my life so far, full as it is of quiet, small- to medium-sized accomplishments, even if they aren't quite large enough to be mounted on the break room walls at my place of employment.

So at work they've initiated this put-a-name-to-face scheme where they're putting up photos of everyone in the break room, along with our name, role, and some fun get-to-know-you tidbits, such as "something coworkers would be surprised to learn." Oh, you mean besides the syphilis? Or the thigh-high ALF tattoo? Or that time I used the breast milk from the new-mommy quiet room refrigerator when we ran out of half and half? Then I guess I'd have to say it's my deep, discomfiting phobia of share-a-thons in the workplace!

Oh, I jest. We do have fun, don't we?

One of the other things they asked us to list was our "proudest achievement." I wonder, is there anything more effective at triggering a mid-life crisis than asking a person to pinpoint her crowning achievement? Unfortunately I have run no marathons, birthed no Mensa babies, donated no bone marrow, or any other work-appropriate brags. On the other hand, I did manage to floss every single day in March!


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