the loveseatee

Saturday, mar. 15, 2008   |   0 comments

This one is nothing but hot, freehand Sharpie action. I've made three of these so far, and it takes about an hour to sketch in the image with a thin Sharpie (I used a drawing from my indispensable Visual Dictionary as a guide for my eyeballs), beef it up with a thick Sharpie, then go back in with the thin Sharpie to clean up the edges. And by the end of it, boy do I feel floaty, what with all that pen huffing.

Jay and Jill supermodel the loveseatee.

The loveseatee is actually three items in one. Not only is this an excellent excuse for inhaling stimulants, and a fine complement to anything from jeans to hotpants, but it's also a prop for a really effective pickup line. When you wear this shirt, people will inevitably say, "Wait, what is that, like a couch?" And here's what YOU say: "No. It's a love seat. Why, you looking for some place to park that fine ass?"

Of course, if you look hard enough, you'll also find a small pair of panties located on the lower right corner of the backside of this tee:


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