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Wednesday, feb. 4, 2009   |   0 comments

You know what white people like? Aside from the Stuff People Like website? (Credit: friend Jen Lee who made me laugh and laugh by pointing out how, being Asian, she couldn’t see the site appeal.) White people like going to the Palace of Fine Arts on a Tuesday night to see Dean and Britta performing live alongside projections of Andy Warhol screen tests.

The combo of noir-lit Factory stars fidgeting in dreamy slow-mo with the electronic beep-booping and breathy songstering of Dean and Britta was mesmerizing, like some kind of hypnotic cool-patrol screensaver. After the thirteenth screen test, I felt like I’d been drugged and probably reprogrammed. And the 500 other well-read-looking hipster whities filing out with me after the show all looked equally zombie-fied. I’m still waiting to see what secret agenda we’ve been Manchurian Candidated to follow. Must watch Mad Men! Must convert gas-powered car to diesel! Must hilariously refer to Whole Foods as “Whole Paycheck”! Must write a blog post on my blog about how white I am! Hey.

After the show, we strapped on our paper bracelets (thanks sound man Peter by way of Liz!) and squeezed behind the velvet ropes of the standing-room-only VIP corner, where we carefully juggled plates of tasty empanadas spiced with the not-really-that-envious stares of the braceletless masses sitting pretty just feet away in some very comfy-looking chairs. The life of privilege sure makes my feet hurt.


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