a threat and a promise

Monday, sep. 18, 2006   |   0 comments

Those of you who have been reading my online diary since the early days of 1995 are, A) very old, and B) well aware that my updating style has always been somewhat “sporadic.” You know: there’ll be four days of steady, frantic updates, followed by an unsettling month of nothing but shhhh. Well no more! (At least not from now until December!)

My plan: in an attempt to invite a sense of regularity into my life, and some discipline, and maybe a little juice-flow, I here declare that I’ll be adhering to a DAILY POSTING SCHEDULE. It may not be pretty, or interesting in any way, but there will at least be something new to be found here each day for the next ninety days.

I know, big wow. And yet, considering that the longest stretch of consecutive posts I’ve ever managed produce is, I think, ten days, for me this represents an uncomfortable, “good for me” kind of challenge. But still doable (three months?), especially with the fear of public shaming that I’m hoping this pronouncement will provoke in me, so hopefully this operation still falls within my “Set Attainable Goals” credo, which is kind of my religion right now.

And if I make it to December 18th without skipping a day, then I am going to give myself a crazy-good prize, like maybe an otter, or a leather jacket.


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