my eyes are full of hearts for julia sweeney

Tuesday, sep. 19, 2006   |   0 comments

OMD! Julia Sweeney emailed me last night! Or at least a robot that sounds an awful lot like Julia Sweeney emailed me last night. And how awesome would that be, a Julia Sweeney robot with built-in emailing capabilities? I’d buy two: one for work and one for staying home and and sending me “best friends forever!!!!” emails twice an hour. I know, I’m going totally bananas here, it was one tiny, short email. But … Julia Sweeney!

I’ve had a huge celebrity crush on Julia Sweeney ever since I saw And God Said, “Ha!”, which really, really swole up my heart, and which still, years later, re-bubbles into my brain with startling regularity. And then I found my way to her amazingly disarmed online diary, and she sounds so adorably normal, like ONE OF US, and the petals on my c-crush bloomed and blinked and blushed all the harder. (Private to the person who reportedly approached Julia Sweeney at an event and told her that her blog needs an editor: lay off the juice, stinker, you don’t know what’s good for you.)

So when her nice email Sidekicked its way into my heart and inbox as Marco and I were waiting in line for a movie last night, I was just floored with yay, hopping and smiling and girl-squealing. If I’d been wearing white Keds, I’d have written Julia Sweeney’s name all over them with a silver pen. (Suckass Marco, who wasn’t nearly excited enough, got a sock in the arm.)

Though I guess I should say that Julia Sweeney only emailed me because I emailed her first: I sent her a short, gushy note about how very badly I wanted on the list of 500 test customers for her new CD, Letting Go of God, excerpts of which all you rabid American Lifers have probably heard already. The two-CD set will go for $19.95, and it comes with a little book that includes a transcript. Julia Sweeney produced the whole thing herself, and she’s marketing it all on her own … and thus this test-group of 500 pre-primed customers, who are going to be sort of a trial run to gauge interest and also to make sure all the money-taking technology on Julia Sweeney’s site is up to snuff. And, wow, don’t you think that this all sounds like an awesome project? Huh? Like maybe you should email Julia Sweeney, too, and tell her how much you want to be a part of the very pretty and helpy advance 500? (I’m giving you the hard sell because I got the feeling — in the email Julia Sweeney, or Julia Sweeney’s robot, sent to me — that there’s still plenty of room on that list, and wouldn’t it be nice if you showed Julia Sweeney some hot buttressing? Julia Sweeney, Julia Sweeney, Julia Sweeney!)

And while I’m peer-pressuring you, have you tried listening to Seattle’s KEXP on your computer radio? It’s really, really sweet. Dude, it’s sweeney.


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