groan woman

Wednesday, sep. 20, 2006   |   0 comments

I just finished up the fourth phonecall in a round-robin of interviews for a part-time job that I’m really excited about. The very nice woman who was interviewing me this time was just coming to the end of her questions when a dog walked by on the street out in front of the house, and Piggy the dog, sitting beside me on the couch, audibly groaned in territorial outrage. The woman hastily said something about how she realized that the interview was running longer than planned, and for a second, I was confused. Then total mortification washed over me. Oh my god, does she think I made that sound, like I was yawning? Out of boredom? So I rushed in and explained about how I was actually sitting at home, on the couch, and then the part about how a dog just walked by, on the street, out front, and …the…Pig, she groans when dogs…walk…by. So I pretty much nailed that interview.


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