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Saturday, mar. 15, 2008   |   0 comments

I was raised to never buy anything white. White things -- pants, carpet, cars -- are nothing but magnets for dirt and disaster. So what kind of laptop do I get? A stupid white iBook G3, so dumb. And of course within a week of buying the thing, it had managed to collect a maddening series of scratches that looked very much like dirt. Clearly my frail little egg of a laptop needed a gentle nest to protect it from the world, and vice versa.

As those laptop wetsuit things are way too expensive, I decided to just crochet something up, something fast and cheap. And about 1.5 hours later, the hotdog laptop cozy was born:

The yarn of the bun i got at Walgreens for a few dollars, the yarn of the dog is just someleft over pink fuzzy wool (about $5 at Michael's) that I bought for a scarf. Both the elements are just long, basic-stitch rectangles that I crocheted together (the bun I folded in half and crocheted the sides closed to create a pocket, the dog I crocheted the two ends together to create a circle). Easy! And, better still, both elements second as terrific headgear:

And here is an easter-egg version I made for the one-and-only Jill:


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