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Friday, mar. 9, 2007   |   0 comments

Continuing on this informal theme of profiling of some of my favorite “grab in case of fire” things, I present to you a sampling of my dad’s art, which is sprinkled throughout our apartment.

I have a couple of his vintage light-refraction sculptures, which he made in the 60s and 70s and which I just adore (despite the fact that the years he spent working with all those toxic plastics did a number on his internal organs, and he’s got the fifty-stitch scars to prove it, oof):

Recently my dad’s been getting really into nature-ful painting. A few weeks ago, he invited Marco and me to pick out some of our favorites, and both Marco and I immediately fell for this flock of cranes (and one errant pelican):

The bird painting is on the big side, like 2’x3’, and we’re still experimenting with finding the right spot in the house for it. Currently it’s hanging in our room, which feels a little odd, but I think it’s going to take a few more weeks before it becomes clear if it’s a good odd, or a bad odd. (What’s the feng shui ruling on bird paintings in the bedroom?)

And then there’s this little (it’s much smaller, maybe 8“x11”) ode to the colors of Marin, which is now hanging pretty in our foyer:

I feel so lucky to have these things hanging out in my house! Not only are they lovely in and of themselves, but they’re also this constant gentle reminder and extension of someone I love. Ditto my collection of paintings and crafts and books and jewelry and CDs created by all my talented friends, which I’ve threaded throughout my nestibule. It all just makes me feel plumped and patted and loved and just, yeah…lucky.

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