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Oh boy, was I sick earlier this week? Yes I was!

Some sort of monstrous throat, cough, ache-machine thing kept me bed-bound and sighing all of Sunday night, Monday, and Tuesday (and snuffling around work today).

Sadly, badly, the sickiness came directly on the heels of one of my marathon home-bound stints, which spanned Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, and all day Sunday. This meant that I’d already gotten to the bottom, really scraped it clean, of the one good thing about being sick: you get to lie around in some weird stretch pants, dirty, toe-flopping socks, and a cat-hair shirt and watch unhealthy amounts of television. So I was stir-crazy and TV-poisoned by the time the sickness knocked me over, then I had to go and spend three more days reading (Crytomnomicon, yes, STILL! Little people, The NeverEnding Story is only a sixth as long, and it’s never ending!), watching my dishes, and gazing stonededly at a certain select group of movies and shows. A sampling of what I watched over my four days in solitary includes:

Save the Last Dance 1.75 times
Bring it On 1.85 times
Crazy Beautiful 1 time
Ruthless People .75 times
Pretty in Pink .86 times
Son In Law (that Paulie Shore movie!) .25 times
-“CSI Miami” .6 times
-plus small flickers back and forth between cringe-y shitstorms Glitter, Someone Like You, and the “54th Annual Emmy Awards”

Oh and I also saw both the “Buffy” (pretty good) and “Gilmore Girls” (OK … but I hope this whole season isn’t just Lorelai and Rory standing there, smothering each other with exhausting amounts of damp “zingers”) premieres last night, but those don’t count quite as much because I was with actual people when I saw them. I was also eating pizza, which was a welcome relief from my chaste, lonely, four-day diet:

-1 bag of baby spinach
-1 can of kidney beans
-1 can of garbanzo beans
-1 potato
-3 heads of broccoli
-2 lemons (squeezed weakly into glasses of water)
-1 quart of orange juice

All I really wanted to cram into my half-open zombie mouth was a hamburger, but I was too weak to leave my apartment to get anything other than all that dumb healthy food, which I had stockpiled in a fit of good intentions.

And now, after a day of hard typing at work, I’m going to … stay home and watch Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Again.


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