the great go-between caper!

Thursday, mar. 22, 2007   |   0 comments

Edited to add the following babbling explanapology: Oh no! Not Martha Megan just posted a “forgive me” response to my HILARIOUSLY INDIGNANT RANT, below (which was supposed to be light-hearted? because what kind of awful would I be if I tried to lay claim to inventing a piece of teeshirt?). But sorries are so, so not necessary! Because even though it looks like the RANT in response to Megan’s bellywarmer post of yesterday, I actually wrote the RANT before I read her bellywarming post! And the only reason I outfitted the RANT with that link to Megan’s original, 2003 post about my Go Between was because her post was the only reference I had that had an actual date attached to it! Oh Internet, you sure do get me in trouble sometimes. I’m not making any sense, am I? I sound totally crazy, don’t I? Glub, glerb, gleep! (Trans: I LOVE YOU, MEGAN!)

Wait a second! First my really great tampon fortune idea gets swiped, and now it looks like my billion dollar go-between invention (which debuted, you may remember, four full years ago almost to the day) has been totally thieved! What is this world coming to that a girl can’t cut the bottom off of a tee-shirt without the whole world trying to horn in on the idea?

Also it seems people are thinking that this is the “new Japanese fashion“? Pfft. Japan by way of EVANY THOMAS, maybe!

(Thanks for the tip-off, Becky!)


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