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Saturday, mar. 15, 2008   |   0 comments
In the high spirit of miss ljc and not martha, my two very favorite crafty sites, which I visit pretty much every single day including weekends, no kidding, I've decided to give you a little peek at some of the REALLY CUTE things I've half-assed together as of late.


crocheted christmas trees
Holiday Trees
toothbrush baby blanket
Toothbrush Baby Blanket

Hotdog Laptop Cozy

The Go-Between

Placemat Pillows

Sweater Fix

Cute Tops





Note that none of this magic would have been possible without cable television, which kept me from going batshit-crazy as I stitched/tore out/stitched/tore out/stitched the same dumb pillow sham three whole different times. What do those poor "kill your television" people do when it comes to tedious, repetitive tasks? Turn up the bootleg Grateful Dead jams, I guess. You know, they should have a little more compasion, like drop their TVs off at adoption centers instead of cold-blooded killing them. (That's the other thing that happens when you do lots and lots of stitching: You get a TON of important thinking done.)


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